Saturday, November 13, 2010

Piano Moods: Teddy Wilson

The Benny Goodman Quartet circa 1938, jazz's first publically integrated group (originally a trio). The happy foursome is, from left, Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa, Teddy Wilson and the Ray, Goodman himself. Photo by unknown, from Metronome magazine
This was Teddy Wilson's first recording session under his own name in three years. In the early '40s, Teddy had recorded extensively for the Musicraft label, but with the emergence of bebop his elegant swing improvisations were less in demand. His date for Columbia comprised one of the company's first extended-play "Piano Moods" sessions, and it featured a quick succession of familiar tunes rendered in Wilson's impeccable style. Teddy reportedly only listened to classical music in his off hours and it certainly shows here. The recording makes an interesting compliment to the Earl Hines "Piano Moods" record further down this page. Wilson rounds edges and straightens the way where Hines prefers to keep the listeners guessing (though less so on "Moods" than on other recordings).

You'll note that the folks at Columbia made a hash of the sidemen's names and instruments, but I've corrected them here. I've forgotten where I picked this LP up, but it is in excellent shape for a record two years shy of retirement age.

As always, the music in this posting was ripped from the original vinyl with no enhancement other than a mild cleaning up of minor clicks and pops.

Teddy Wilson, piano
Arvell Shaw, bass
J.C. Heard, drums
New York, NY; June 29, 1950
Al McKibbon, bass
Kansas Fields, drums
New York, NY; August 25, 1950
Columbia CL 6153 (10" extended play record) 

1. Just One of Those Things
2. Just Like a Butterfly
3. Runnin' Wild
4. I've Got the World on a String
5. Fine and Dandy
6. Ghost of a Chance
7. Honeysuckle Rose
8. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
9. Bess, You Is My Woman Now
10. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
11. After You've Gone


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