Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fixing Broken Links

So many sides, so little time! Especially when Gems has to repair links to music already uploaded ... 

Well, a few of the tens of visitors here to Gems have let us know recently that a good number of the downloads offered here suffer from broken links. The curse of the blogger! Suffice it to say that all (or nearly all) have been reuploaded, this time to the dreaded (not so dreaded anymore) Rapidshare. So if you've been interested in Hazel Scott, West Coast Jazz, the Jazztone sampler, KC or Chicago jazz, jukebox tenors, the other JATPs, the Norman Granz two-fer, Benny Goodman or any of the other postings that have gone dark, they should now happily be functioning. Until the next time that is, so git 'em while they're hot.

This just in: Thanks to jazzcat, the blocked files should now be available. Give one or two a try and let me know if there's still a problem. Sorry for all the fuss!


  1. Just discovered your great blog. I would hugely appreciated if among the links you are fixing you could include the one for

    The RS link always gives an error message

    1. Try it now, davide. RS seems to have crapped out on me again. Sendspace works -- at least for now. The link is in the light blue box on the lower part of the window that opens up. Don't be fooled by all the other "download" links. Enjoy!

  2. Thanks, but it still gives the error message, and I am not sure I understand your reference to the light blue box - I just see the following line at the bottom of the page

    Find it here:;A059CA99B527D0D9636FAD340C752789;

    am I missing something?

  3. Hey David (Gem),

    I think davide is having trouble with rapidshare. I just tried the link and it says access is denied by the uploader. RS changed their terms again and apparently you have to go into your account and make the file available to the public or something like that. I saw this pop up at a ton of other blogs sometime in mid to late January. I hope that helps you and davide get the file back up.

    As always, thank you for continuing to share the great music!

    1. Well, JC, I can find nowhere on Rapidshare that specifies whether the file is public or private, so I'm at a loss as to how to reverse the "denied" status. RS is one jive turkey site, in my estimation. Never liked them. Guess I'll have to reupload the files to another site ...

  4. I don't know if this has changed, but here is what I saw posted on another blog in the middle of January. I hope this helps/works.


    Here’s how to make your posts publically available (thanks to paomag)

    Go to ‘my files’.
    Click on ‘new folder’ and create one, I call mine ‘Lair’.

    Tick all the files you wish to make public.

    Right click on one, go to ‘move’ and click on the folder you made.

    All the files are now in your new folder.

    Right click on ‘your new folder (Lair in my case)’ click on ‘privileges’.

    Go down to public and click on the first two icons.

    Done, anyone you share the link with can now see and download it.

  5. Many thanks, jazzcat. I've followed your careful instructions and all the blocked files should now be accessible. Try one or two and let me know if they work. Hoo-boy!

  6. I have been able to get access to the download links again via RS. Nice job!