Thursday, July 12, 2012

2-Beat Two-fer

Quintessential Chicagoan Eddie Condon at Eddie Condon's in New York, probably in October 1946. Clearly a bebopper has just entered the joint. Photo by William Gottlieb

When I started this blog a while back, I never thought I'd be posting so much moldy fig material! But one thing leads to another, and one rip inspires a second (and a third). So here's another Chicago jazz offering. My partial excuse is that this upload comes as a response to a request from the good Sir Baron.

Baron saw the cover of the Hodes Blue Note EP in the collection video and asked if I could add it to Gems. I'm more than glad to do so, but I felt its paltry four tunes weren't enough to merit the full CD treatment. So I looked through the stacks and came up with a second Chicago jazz EP, one that fits perfectly with Art's session. It's got Eddie Condon, Gene Krupa, Jess Stacy, Jack Teagarden, Boyce Brown, Max Kaminsky and a raft of other trad blowers. Not bad stuff, either.

So here they are. The rips come from the original vinyl, of course, with a slight cleaning of the sound. A caveat regarding "Reincarnation" and "Nagasaki", though: an audible scratch runs through a good portion of each tune. Not terrible, but you can hear it. Also, there's no back cover image for the Hodes disc because it is completely blank.

Chicago Jazz • The Best in 2-Beat
Art Hodes and His Chicagoans
Hodes, p; Max Kaminsky, tp; Ray Coniff, tbn; Rod Cless, cl; Jack Bland, g;
Bob Haggart, b; Danny Alvin, d. New York, NY; March 18, 1944; Blue Note 403

1. Maple Leaf Rag
2. She’s Crying for Me
3. Yellow Dog Blues
4. Slow ’Em Down Blues

Miff Mole and His Little Molers
Red Nichols, tp; Miff Mole, tbn; Frank Teschemacher, cl, as; Joe Sullivan, p; Eddie Condon, g, bjo; Gene Krupa, d. New York, NY; July 28, 1928; Columbia B-482

5. One Step to Heaven
6. Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble

Eddie Condon and His Footwarmers

Condon, g; Frank Teschemacher, cl, as; Joe Sullivan, p; Gene Krupa, d. New York, NY; October 30, 1928; Columbia B-482

7. Indiana

Condon, g; Jack Teagarden, tbn, v; Mezz Mezzrow, cl, v; Joe Sullivan, p; Artie Miller, b; Johnny Powell, d. New York, NY; October 30, 1928; Columbia B-482
8. Makin’ Friends
Paul Mares and His Friars Society Orchestra

Mares, tp; George Brunies, tbn; Omer Simeon, cl; Boyce Brown, as; Jess Stacy, p; Marvin Saxbe, g; Pat Pattison, b; George Wettling, d. New York, NY; January 7, 1935; Columbia B-482 

9. Reincarnation
10. Nagasaki
11. The Land of Dreams
12. Maple Leaf Rag


  1. Thanks David for the Hodes.

    Talking about 'one thread leads to another' how about this then - 3rd article down

    Did you visit, frequent maybe the area of Chicago mentioned? Was any of it remaining?

    1. The Liberty Inn was probably long gone by the time I was living in Chicago. The building's still there, on the corner of N. Clark and Erie, now an Irish pub called The Kerryman. St. Gertrude's is still there, too -- a very imposing facade! I can see why Boyce converted. You can see them using Google's street view. Thanks for the info on Boyce -- he definitely had the oddest style on alto, unlike anybody else from what I've heard of it.