Saturday, February 4, 2012

Getting Our Groove Back

OK, we're biting the bullet here at Gems and re-uploading our content, this time to Rapidshare*. You'll notice that several links are now active, and within a week or so we hope to have them all working again. We'll miss Megaupload, but after reading about its livin'-large CEOs in the news after the service's take-down, I gotta wonder what they were thinking. So, check back occasionally if something here interests you and soon you should be able to download it. Meanwhile, enjoy the sound links – at least they still work!

*Well, the curmudgeonly folks at Rapidshare kept threatening to remove my files because there wasn't enough activity on some of them, and I got tired of their endless warnings. So I've migrated (as they say in the IT department where I work) Gems' mp3s to the much more accommodating MediaFire. Rapidshare can go the Feds for all I care. More music to come, kids ... (Added on March 31, 2012.)


  1. Good to have you back Dave ... Baron

  2. Hi, Baron. Can't keep a good uploader down for long. More Gems to come anon ...